Many KSO season openers have offered little twists and extras for audience members. “I Like Tchaik” and “Ga-Ga for Gustav” campaign buttons have been issued by ushers. White Phantom masks, even KSO football pennants have been handed out to the audience too. (The conductor suggested that between movements for an all-Prokofiev concert audience members, who may feel out of place by clapping audibly, could silently wave their pennants above their heads, which they did often to the orchestra’s amusement).

One year for an opening program titled “Muscular Music” the KSO’s Music Director James Cassidy and Principal Second Violinist Thomas Consolo wrote a curtain speech/skit based on the old Hans & Franz SNL bits of the 90s to introduce the show, sponsors etc. Unbeknownst to the orchestra or the audience, a video screen descended before the orchestra tuned and this is what they saw.