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Stop the World — I Want to Get Off

Desperately seeking fulfillment


7:30 Saturday, January 26 & 3:00 p.m. Sunday, January 27, 2019
Greaves Concert Hall

The KSO dusts off this Bricusse/Newley musical about searching for love and success that one already has.
Starring: Joshua Steele & Brooke Steele. Brian Robertson, stage director.

Littlechap (played by Joshua Steele) finds himself a father before his time and agrees to marry Evie, the boss’s daughter (played by Brooke Steele). Though this helps him climb the business ladder, Littlechap (the everyman) finds himself trapped in the responsibility of a premature family. He turns to women of the world, yet finds only empty fulfillment. In the twilight of his years, he finally discovers that he has wasted his life looking for something that he actually had all the time – his wife’s true love. . Hit songs include: “Gonna Build a Mountain,” “Once in a Lifetime” and “What Kind of Fool Am I.”

Single Tickets
Available approximately three weeks prior to each concert.

– A seats: $35
– B seats: $27
– C seats: $19
– Children (18 and under): 50% off

– Ticket sales subject to 6% Sales Tax, processing and handling: $1.50 per ticket plus credit card merchant fee 3.5%. Mailing an additional $1.15 if requested.


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