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“Back in My Day”
A chronological survey of the history of the orchestra and its music.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023   10:00 a.m.
Wednesday, October 4, 2023   10:00 a.m.
Florence Baptist Church at Mt. Zion

This program presents a 300-year history of the orchestra and western music, with pieces from the early 1700s (e.g. Handel’s Water Music) to popular movie scores of the new millennium. At the performance students will see and hear how the orchestra grew in size and sound, receive interesting facts about the composers and learn how their environment impacted their musical works.  Those in attendance will also see and hear a fabulous young performer.  A question & answer session following the concert gives students and teachers the opportunity to ask questions of any musician or the conductor.   Admission is free but registration is required.  Special thanks to the Charles H. Dater Foundation, Andrew Jergens Foundation and the Maxwell Weaver Foundation for supporting the 2018-19 Education Series.

~Program ~

Handel:  “Hornpipe” from Water Music (1717)
Haydn:   Finale to Symphony No. 45 (Farewell) (1772)
Beethoven:   Symphony No. 5 (Mvt I) (1808)
Wagner:   Prelude to Act III of Lohengrin  (1848)
Tchaikovsky:   Concerto for Violin (Mvt. III) (1874) or Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy(1883) Teenage violinist TBA
Stravinsky:   Finale to the Firebird (1919)
Copland:   “Hoe-down” from Rodeo (1942)
Badelt / Zimmer:   Excerpt from Pirates of the Caribbean: “The Curse of the Black Pearl” (2003)


The KSO does not offer transportation to concerts.  To assist schools with arranging transportation to these concerts we encourage you to click the links provided for resources available to schools in our area: ArtsLinks located in Cincinnati has an ArtsBus program for schools located within the I-275 Beltway,

Lesson plans and activities on many of the musical selections offered on this program are available at Classics for Kids, produced by WGUC.  (Links found by clicking on the composers name above).

Quotes from teachers who participated in this program in 2014 (last time it was offered):

“Fun, upbeat, engaging!”  —Kerry Knollman, Arnett Elementary

“This performance was well paced, interesting and educational.  The performance was outstanding. The candlelight selection; 7th grade violinist and movie/music overlay were captivating. It was so unique for a symphony concert.” —Debbie Schilling, Heritage Christian Academy

“The environment was intimate and it was great to see a young musician. The students could relate to that.” — Rebecca Klaber, Grandview Elementary

“Loved it! Like the candles and the movie music. Very entertaining for a crowd that sometimes gets bored by classical music.” —Natalie Heilman,  Ruth Moyer Elementary

“The KSO program is an excellent program. The program presents high quality orchestra music geared towards children. “ —Bethany Hamann, Miles & Lindeman Elementary Schools

“I always like the innovative programs. The kids loved how the players left the stage and blew out their candles on the music stands as they left the stage. Also nice to see student performers that kids can relate too. They also loved the orchestra playing the movie film track.  The KSO fills the gap of our kids hearing live classical music where they would not otherwise have that opportunity.”  —Tara Drummond, Holy Family School- Covington