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Singing in the Rain – Canceled

Classic song & dance film with orchestra

On March 27, 2020, the KSO announced the cancellation of all schedule performances through June 30th.  Learn more here.

7:30 Saturday, May 16, 2020
Greaves Concert Hall, NKU

The KSO closes its 28th season with Singing in the Rain, the classic 1952 song-and-dance movie musical starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and Debbie Reynolds — accompanied live by the orchestra.  The KSO has mastered this format with many films, both silent and talkies. If you liked The Wizard of Oz, Ben-Hur, Pirates of the Caribbean, Amadeus Live, or Disney’s Silly Symphonies cine-concerts, you’ll love Singing in the Rain!

Music: Arthur Freed & Herb Nacio Brown
Story & Lyrics: Betty Comden & Adolph Green
Starring: Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor


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